Signs That Youre Too Stressed

Too much stress is known to be a serious health hazard. But the unfortunate thing is that people usually cannot tell if they are already too stressed. Overworked people can sometimes get so accustomed to the daily grind that they feel that the stress they feel is normal. But there are certain signs that will tell of you are already stressed. Here are some of them.

You get sick more often.

When you begin to feel sick more often, you may now be suffering from a weakened immune system. And when you are an overworked individual, then you can bet that stress may have a hand on it. Too much stress can cause your immune system to weaken. Initially, stress can lead to the release of catecholamines, hormones that help regulate the immune system. But after a while, it begins to impair the function as more of the hormones are produced. Stress also shrinks the thymus gland, which produces the infection fighting white blood cells.

You become forgetful.

Chronic stress can also cause you to become more forgetful. Too much stress can also produce too much cortisol. And as more of this hormone reaches the hippocampus, it can impair the brain’s ability to remember things. The only way to improve your memory in this case is to reduce the stress.

You’re increasingly suffering from hair loss.

While there can be a number of reasons why your hair may be falling out, too much stress can also be a big factor in it. One reason that stress can affect hair loss is a condition called alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the white blood cells begin to attack the hair follicles which then causes the hair to fall out.
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